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Panama Racial Tension, Diversity, Tolerance

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The three gather outside Pinkerton's mansion at night, ready for the heist. Eddy and Nate persuade Rika to stay behind and cover them. To create a distraction, Eddy blows up Pinkerton's cars, and they he and Nate into the mansion amid the confusion. [8]

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The trio find a series of catacombs beneath the monastery. In these tunnels, Nate overhears an argument between Navarro, Roman, and Eddy, who was hired by Navarro in order to aid in the capture of Nate and the security of the island all with the reward of a share of the gold of El Dorado. Roman doubts Eddy's abilities to do his job further and ignores his superstitious claim that something cursed on the island is killing his men. Roman dismisses Eddy and his crew. [9]

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Nathan "Nate" Drake is the main protagonist and playable character of the Uncharted series. A former professional treasure hunter, Nate is described as a "deep-sea salvage expert and action-pro." Since childhood, Nate and his older brother Sam have held the belief that they are descended from the famous English explorer Sir Francis Drake.

Having been shot down over the island and separated from Elena, Nate works his way to a fort where he spots Elena's parachute. He is soon captured by Eddy's pirates and imprisoned in the fort. Elena rescues Nate and they flee. The two work their way through a long-abandoned port city and discover, through a log book in the city's customs house , that the statue was moved further inland. Soon after, Elena spots the supposedly dead Sully working with Navarro and Roman, who are heading north. They decide to follow them to the monastery. There, they rescue Sully, who survived thanks to Francis Drake's journal blocking the bullet. [9]

At an unspecified time before Drake's Fortune , Nate has been hired as an expert by Jason Dante to investigate a dig site on a ridge in central Panama. At the dig site, they encounter Marisa Chase , Dante's "partner," who, as a result of her distrust, had tailed them. Dante receives an erratic radio call from Roberto Guerro , the leader of a revolutionary army based in the surrounding forest, and leaves, while Chase helps Nate examine the dig site, both unimpressed that Dante had not informed them about Guerro's presence. They find the remains of a group of Spanish conquistadors who were murdered - poisoned by forces unknown.

Nate and Victor Sullivan head to the Pelican Inn , a pub in London. They meet with Charlie Cutter and Talbot to sell Francis Drake's Ring. Nate and Sully decide that Talbot's money is counterfeit, and a brawl ensues. Cutter and his thugs gain the upper hand, and subdue Nate and Sully. Katherine Marlowe arrives and takes Francis Drake's ring from Nate. Cutter then shoots both Nate and Sully, angering Marlowe who leaves the scene with Talbot. [9]

Shopkeepers everywhere tried to lure us in to take a peek at their wares. Everything seemed a bit pricy, but that really isn’t surprising since it takes forever to truck stuff down there.

Nate wakes up in a burning warehouse. Escaping, he finds himself in a shanty town that acts as Guerro's base, and meets up with Chase. She explains she escaped Guerro after a brief interrogation, and set the warehouse alight as a diversion. Nate decides to rescue Dante and escape, but Chase refuses to leave without her Amulet , so reluctantly Nate agrees to help her retrieve it. After defeating a number of Guerro's guards, they reach his office where they learn that Dante has already cut a deal with him, and given Guerro all the research he and Chase collected. Nate and Chase retrieve the Amulet from Guerro's office and narrowly escape the compound while being shot at. [6]

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Cassie Drake
Samuel Drake
Victor Sullivan
Chloe Frazer
Tenzin (formerly)
Eddy Raja (formerly) †
Rafe Adler (formerly) †
Harry Flynn (formerly) †
Charlie Cutter (formerly)
Marisa Chase (formerly)
Jason Dante (formerly) †
Rika Raja (formerly)
Salim (formerly)
Vargas (formerly) †

Nathan Drake is a playable character in the exclusive fighting game PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale . This marks his first appearance in a game outside the Uncharted series. He can perform three special "super" moves in a match: throwing a propane tank and shooting it mid-air, pushing over a large statue and crushing his opponents, and summoning El Dorado, which opens and turns his opponents into descendants. He also has his own story in the game's arcade mode, where he and Sully are searching for treasure with the pages of the Thievious Raccoonus, a book from Sucker Punch Production's Sly Cooper franchise. As such, his in-game rival is the titular character.

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