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Kubota Tractor Parts

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New Holland looks good and the Massey Dealer sells both. Having just put a new ignition switch ($659) in the Ford (New Holland Bought Ford Tractor Division) they are sure proud of their repair parts. So I''m not sure I would go that route?

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In my case the dealers for all three brands are within 85 miles of me. And if I were buying, I don''t know which I would pick?

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As far as opinions, I think JD has better fitment, Kubota has sturdier panels and frame. JD has the better engine. I know that raises some eyebrows, but I''m going from personal experience and reading of the forums. Do the new Kubota''s still use a single directional pedal for the hydro? I like JD ''s dual pedal better. Dollar for dollar, I think the Kubota has the edge if you''re going to run it into the ground. JD has a better resale and much better paint. A new Kubota fades quickly if left out, no matter what you do for care.

I would lean towards Kubota, I have a ''99 L7555, it has over 6855 hours, it starts and runs great, it never uses any oil and is great on millage.

I got the smallest model. The GC6755. It''s all I need and, with an engine running at 7655 RPM compared to everyone else running between 855 and 8855 RPM, I should go easier on fuel. So far it seems to be a miser. Now mine is only but, with only 9 acres, it''s all I need.

You may want to look at a Mahindra as well. They seem to be quite capable machines. They were a couple grand more than the Massey though so I scratched it early.

I know nothing at all about newer tractors EXCEPT that the plastic used on the Mahindra''s fades very quickly. That would also mean that plastic gets brittle as well. Neighbor has one less than 8 years old, and the plastic looks awful.

The old Adage "You pay your money and take your chances" might apply here? Honestly I don''t think Kubota, John Deere and Massey make a bad tractor? It comes down to personal choice and above all Dealer support.

Some of the New Holland tractors looks pretty darn good for the money I''ve read that they are plagued with various mechanical issues.

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